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Company Overview

We are an independent indigenous technology company that delivers IT Services & Solutions. We offer a full portfolio of Managed Services, Hardware Support, SIM Registration and Identity management solutions to all types of users.
Our aim is to offer exceptional service at affordable rates, with a keen interest in being long-term partners that will contribute to our client’s success.

Our Values

Excellence, Commitment and Dependability are the very core of Standpoint and a key element of our vision and way of doing business.
Excellence: We do not compromise on quality and we do all we can to get it right the first time.
Commitment: Our dedication ensures we see it through to the end, with the intention of exceeding your expectation.
Dependability: Our commitment and dedication are resolute. We will deliver as we have promised.

What We Bring To The Table

The wealth of experience brought by the network of each member of our management team coupled with a relentless effort to solve existing challenges says we are more than capable to take on seemingly unattainable tasks. From mobile and web applications to custom applications and business productivity solutions, Standpoint will design, develop and support custom IT solutions to meet your business needs. With a business practice that constitutes 70% service and after-sales support and 30% product, we help businesses succeed using our 3E principle:
Exposure – We create and improve your online presence.
Efficiency – We maximize your business productivity.
Expertise – We leverage on our vast knowledge base to proffer and implement solutions to our client’s issues

These have led to the growth of our clientele base hereby exceeding the offerings of our competitors and the expectation of our clients while adhering strictly to our client’s specifications. We have a national presence in over 25 states in Nigeria. Our team possesses the industry’s highest achievable accreditations, which means our customers can focus on running their business, not on managing their hardware.

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