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Computer Village, Now On The Island

Let’s fix it! Computers, Phones, iPads etc.

Repair and Replacement

Laptops And Desktops

We offer a wide range of computer products and services to help you get up and running. There are experienced and certified technicians to give technical support even at your convenience. Free Diagnostics & consultation, same day on-site repair and services, computer network evaluation and other Hardware and Software solutions.

Mobile Phones

We service and repair all Android and IOS Products. Our experienced engineers have gone through rigorous training and guideline for Hardware and Software Repairs and Services. Our team is able to provide the highest level of technical support and that helps to exceed customers’ expectations by offering proper diagnosis, a reliable repair and proper QA to avoid reoccurrence.

Printers °Scanners

Repair and Maintenance of Printer and Scanners. Upgrade to SSD, Paper roller motor replacement and Ink-change. Our experienced team of teardown engineers can disassemble your printer and scanner devices, writing a technical report to evaluate the assembly and industrial design of your device, assessing how repairable it will be in the field or during refurbishment.


The search for a reliable supply of products ends here as we provide integrated services, procurement, logistics and a general supply chain management

Electronic Devices

Repair and service of other electronic devices such as Audio equipment's, CCTV, Radio & TV etc. Our team has a collective serviceability engineering experience, and we stand ready to use our experience and tools to help you repair your electronics. Repair is carried out with QA to assure services.

Pickup and Delivery

A fully vetted team is on stand-by to pickup and deliver inventories and products same day. Meet last minute needs, save cost and time while increasing your operational efficiency and reducing overheads. Allow Service point pickup and deliver for you today.

How It Works


Receive Clients


Fill Incident Form


Print Receipt of Incident Form


Email/Call/SMS Client on Duration of Repairs, Cost and Diagnosis


Receive Confirmation To Repair


Give Device To Engineer To Repair


Call Client For Pickup


Receive Payment


Confirm Payment


Take Down Device IMEI







The Most Popular Repair Directions For Our Customers

The optimum ratio of price and quality responsible and conscientious approach

  • Smart Phone Repair 94% 94%
  • Computer Repair 86% 86%
  • Electronics Recovery 80% 80%
  • Console Repair 72% 72%

ServicePoint Pricing

ServicePoint pricing starts as low as 500 NGN for diagnosis, 1000 NGN for diagnosis and basic repairs, and 2500 NGN for express service.

Express Services

Special option with the fastest turnaround time

2500 NGN

Basic Services

This covers diagnosis and basic repairs

1000 NGN


Let’s figure out what’s wrong with your device

500 NGN

Start Getting Your Devices Fixed

Or call 0808 500 6594 and 01 454 4012

This Is What Our Esteemed Clients Have To Say



Servicepoint responds quickly and to talk of having a quality work done on my PCs (HP & Acer laptop) for an affordable price. I will recommend them far and wide.



I have being experiencing one particular issue with my iPhone X and had several repairs but bringing it to servicepoint just changed that narrative, more like magic yeah! Assurance!



What more can a customer ask for; honesty, quality and equivalent value in return not to mention it was affordable. I should not lie, I was a bit skeptical initially having heard the price for purchasing new sets of Dell laptops and accessories but seeing it for myself, these guys are good! Servicepoint is very reliable that I can attest.



I liked your service, because right away I felt this accommodating client interaction like my problem was their problem. They explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. They were so helpful and I definitely will use your service again when I need it. I will refer others to you if I get the chance.



So I just purchased my new Mac-book pro 2019. This laptop is clean!!! Nice service and rapid supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ServicePoint for a repair?

Your smartphone or device is precious to you. Service Point technicians undergo strict training and regular testing to ensure they have the experience and qualifications to repair all leading devices. With nearly 10,000 repairs to date, we are the trusted repair chain.

How long does a repair take?

We pride ourselves on an express repair service. Common devices can be repaired in-store within 30 minutes, whilst dropped off repairs are between 48-72 hours.

What should I do before handing over my device?

Whilst your device is in safe hands with us, it is always recommended that you back-up your device and reset back to the factory settings before hand for security purposes.

Does my phone come with warranty?

There is a lifetime warranty on most device repairs. Please check our terms and conditions for more details.

How does the walk-in service work?

Our walk-in service allows you to have your phone repaired straight away! You can see the time required for each repair when you book contact us.

If I use ServicePoint will this void my Manufacturer’s warranty?

Like most third-party repair services, use of our service can void your manufacturer’s warranty. The good news is we provide our own warranty for all our repairs! For more details please click here.

I only have a small crack on my screen do I need a full-screen replacement?

Yes, we do a full-screen replacement regardless of the size of the crack in your screen and all our screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty!

Are we an Apple authorized supplier?

Service Point is the alternative repair service to Apple and it’s subsidiary suppliers. We are an express service that utilizes the highest quality parts that are quality controlled.

Do you offer insurance?

Service Point is partnered with switched-on insurance, offering highly competitive insurance options for your device.

Are ServicePoint screens original Apple / Samsung /Other parts?

Although we are an alternative repair service to Apple / Samsung / Others. All our screens are OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) and QC tested.
We have high confident in the quality of our screens that we offer a lifetime warranty! For more details please see here

Why does ServicePoint ask for my PIN or ID before repair?

Providing your pin/passcode before the repair is completely up to you!
We advise everyone to provide this information as our technicians need to verify that the device is in full working order before you collect it!
We always recommend that you back-up your device and reset back to the factory settings before hand for security purposes.

They undergo a series of quality assurance tests that include touch sensitivity and camera. At no time they would access your personal information or intrude on your privacy. You can view our privacy policy here.

Does ServicePoint offer support after repair?

Yes! You can contact our customer service team here.

Can ServicePoint unlock my phone?

Yes, Service Point provides cell phone unlocking services.

Do you sell cell phone repair parts?

No, at this time Service Point does not sell individual cell phone repair parts.

What kind of gadgets do you repair?

Most portable electronics, game systems and computers and more.
Unsure if we repair your broken device? call us and just ask!

Does ServicePoint work on computers?

Yes, we have highly trained technicians that are specifically trained in that area! Computer Repair options vary by location.

Does ServicePoint repair TV's?

No, we have found that the cost of fixing an out of warranty television is just to close to replacing it with a new one.

Does ServicePoint repair Mac (Apple) computers?

Yes we do!
LCD replacement
Virus removal
Keyboards & Drives
Charging ports and MORE!
Contact your local Gadget Fix to discuss your problem!

Does ServicePoint do custom computer builds and modifications?

Yes we do! Contact us today!

Will I still be charged if you can't fix my device?

We’ve always had a simple rule about our repairs: if we can’t fix your device, we won’t charge you for our service. We’ll also try to suggest alternative ways you can solve your problem. If you’ve already paid (for example, if you’ve used our Express mail or Dublin & Ireland courier services, we’ll carry out a refund.

Can you help if I don't know what's wrong with my device?

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your device, we’re delighted to take a look at it. This diagnostic service is entirely free of charge. We’ll take a thorough look at your device, try to pinpoint the exact problem and let you know the best way to get it fixed. If you’d like us to take a look, get in touch.

Do you offer a diagnostic service?

Yes, we offer a completely free diagnostic service. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your device, we’ll take a thorough look at your device, try to pinpoint the exact problem and let you know the best way to get it fixed. If you’d like us to take a look, get in touch.

If this does not answer your questions? Please contact us!

How It Works?

Walk into our service centre and walk out as little as 30 minutes later with your repaired device. It’s that simple!

Service Center

Block A2-6, Suite 254
Sura Complex, Simpson Street
Lagos Island, Lagos.

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Block A2-6, Suite 254, Sura Complex, Simpson Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria


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